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My name is Don Pinkney, also known as The Real Estate Don, and for the past 15 years real estate has been the key factor in the success of my career as a business owner and investor. I have over 10 years’ experience in construction, renovations, and realty investing; and in 2014 I became a licensed PA real estate agent. Flipping houses and buying rental properties has changed the way I view real estate, which is why I specialize in working with buyers who express interest in boosting their investment portfolios by way of real estate.

My services are catered for first time home buyers, those selling their home, and assisting clients in buying or building their dream home. As an investor my main principles when purchasing a property is to (1) make money going in, (2) make money during, (3) make money coming out. With these principles I have successfully completed over 250 projects, managed over 300 properties, and flipped & sold over 20 homes.

Bettering my community is a strong passion of mine and real estate has put me in the position to literally add value to Philadelphia and the surrounding tri-state areas. I serve as a construction mentor to young adults between the ages of 18 – 21, and as a real estate mentor to anyone looking to begin their journey in acquiring properties.

Real Estate is one of the easiest ways to secure financial freedom and if you’re looking to start your journey don’t hesitate to call me today, getting started is easy.


                                                                                -The Real Estate Don

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