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My Top 4 Shows About Real Estate

I'm not a person who likes to waste time or money... not even free money or time.

As an investor, I spend an unforeseeable amount of time on the go, and it's not every day I get to sit down in my man cave UNINTERRUPTED. However, when I do get the time I find myself binge-watching shows on real estate and house rehabs.

The average joe may not think these shows are not entertaining.....


Other than entertainment I enjoy watching these shows because they allow me to:

  • Stay up to date with design and remodeling trends

  • Learn from others' mistakes

  • Allow me to view projects from a different perspective other than as the key investor

  • Keep my creative energy flowing


  • Learn new tricks of the trade

I've found that even when I'm kicking my feet up and relaxing there are things I can do that'll contribute to my career.

Here's a list of my top 4 shows I enjoy watching

(most of these shows can be found on HGTV)

1. Flip or Flop

2. House Hunters

3. Property Brothers

4.Love it or List it

I decided to write this article just to show you that educating yourself on all things real estate does not always have to feel like work. Get creative in your approach to learn - after all in any career field you should aspire to be a student forever. You never know it all!

Leave a comment with your favorite real estate show, I'm always looking for more!

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